Areni - one of the ancient villages of the historical Syunik (GhawarVayotsDzor). The importance of the village is primarily explained by his geographical location - at the exit of the gorge connecting VayotsDzor with Sharur valley. Due to this, the village was  a place forthe leisure of  travelers and alsowas an important military point. Military fortificationswere built on the surrounding hills.

In the XIII century trout (Prince) OrbelianTarsaich built a palace here. At the same time  the princely throne of Syunikwas moved fromEgegisa toAreni . By his order, the head noravanksky BishopSarkis (1265-1287) built a bridgeon the river near the Areni, the basesof which have survivedtill nowadays. In 1321, by the order of Syunik’s Bishop Hovhannesthe architectMomik builds in Areni the Church of the Holy Virgin.

In the years of the Russian Empire the village Arpawas the part of theSharur-Daralagyaz district (also covered modern Sadarak and Sharur districts of  Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic), where in 1897 a 51,560 Azerbaijanis (indicated by "Tatars"), and 20,726 Armenians lived. 

Since 2009 the annual traditionalpanArmenian "Wine Festival" is held in the village.



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